The first guy – The Ex

It started with an ex-moment the last weekend. Classic bad choice. You know, he is drunk and want to ”drink tea” with you. Yeah, right… Just tea. In the middle of the night. Afterwards you get to know that he has been with his other ex as well, before your ”tea-time”. Fun information. When you tell him that youre hurted he stops answering and treat you like air. Good guy.

The second guy – The weirdo from Tinder

He is from Tinder. He’s asking for your number very quickly. Start to call you princess and acting charming in his messages. You meet him over a simple smoothie at a cafe. Of cause he is handsome as fuck, tall and fun. And his hug is extremly cozy. Oh yes, finally a great catch! But no… He is writing after the date that you are lovely and that he want to meet you again. But when the day comes, he is hangover and having a cold. After that: not a word from him for a week. But hey, should you really let him go that easily? Naah, dont think so. So you are asking if he want to meet another day (after 1 week of silence) and he answers that he really had a great time with you but that he unfortunately isnt ready for a relationship and that you will find someone awesome soon. Seriously…?

The third guy – Instagram goes ghostingram

With the bad experiences earlier the same week you are getting a bit desperate. You speak with your bestie who gives you one simple advice: go and fuck someone else! You will feel so much better after that! Hmm?! Okay. Lets give it a go. You are picking out a target from instagram: A 2 meter tall fighter with muscles from heaven. Yeah. Lets do this! He is inviting you to his place for some cooking and baking. Cute choice of activity (but that is not the important part of the date – you are on a special sexmission!). Planning to wear the sexiest lingeries you own, lets dust them off… Black stay-ups with a matching set. Gonna be really sexy. So what is happening? The guy is ghosting you the whole afternoon and evening!!! Thanks for ruin my friday evening asshole!


What a week!

Is it the national week of assholes or something?

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